Midstate police, security experts prepare people to react during dangerous incidents


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Police in the City of Lancaster continue to investigate Sunday’s shooting at Park City Center. Four people were wounded, and two were injured during the chaos. Meanwhile, security expert John Sancenito, says people need to understand their options in a similar situation.

“They can run to safety, hide, or if no other choice, fight for their lives,” Sancenito said. “But it is important to understand, when you run for cover, block the door, and try to hide behind something solid that can protect you from bullets.” Sancenito says thinking about how you would react during different scenarios, will help in the case of an actual emergency and could prevent someone from freezing, which would put them in more danger.

The Harrisburg Police Department’s Community Service Division provides active shooter training to residents. Sgt. Josh Hammer says they want people to be prepared for the unexpected. “We want people to be mentally prepared, in case they find themselves in a dangerous situation,” Hammer said, “We want them to get to safety first, if not, take whatever necessary steps to protect themselves.”

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Hammer says once people are away from the scene, it’s important they call 911 to share their information that will be helpful to responding law enforcement.

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