Mommy Minute: Family turns quarantine boredom into picture perfect project


The Lee family of Susquehanna Township was looking for something fun to pass the time in quarantine. They also wanted something that would help them connect with relatives.

“So I said, ‘oh we can take some pictures, make some memories, and share it with them and give them a little chuckle,” mom Navia Lee said.

Navia Lee is not a professional photographer and she is only armed with an iPhone and some household props when she takes these images in the family’s basement.

“We get really creative in what we use for backdrops and things like that,” she said.

For example, Lee said that for her son’s recreation of Michael Jackson, she used a table runner to mimic the star’s famous sequined jacket.

Maddox Lee, 10, especially liked becoming Spider-Man’s Miles Morales. And by posing as Prince, he learned about the music icon for the first time.

“I didn’t reallly know who he is,” Maddox Lee said.

“We’ve had interesting conversations about folks they wouldn’t know about otherwise,” Navia Lee said.

It’s history, social studies and art rolled into one picture perfect lesson.

“It’s taught me that you can do a lot with the little time you have,” 13-year-old Shawn Lee said. “You can create a lot of things with little resources.”

“We talk about characters or historical figures that might be an easy replication for them, so it’s good,” father Shawn Lee said. “It’s been a good learning experience.”

In addition to sparking conversation and new interests, it’s helped to put a new focus on this unusual time together.

“Years from now my hope is they can look back and see this quarantine as a time where we were able to come together as a family in any way possible and bring some smiles to others,” Navia Lee said.

If you’d like to see more from the Lee family and follow along as they post new recreations, you can follow them on Instagram by clicking here.

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