Mommy Minute: What gifts do teachers really appreciate?


As the school year comes to a close, many parents may be looking to give their child’s teacher a little token of their appreciation.  While a gift is not expected, it has become a common practice.

ABC27 reached out to local teachers to see what gift they most appreciated.

“I’m genuinely most happy with a sincere card,” Rachel said. “Gift cards are preferable to ‘stuff’ in my opinion.”

“I have quite the collection of mugs and #1 teacher ornaments already,” Heidi said.

Many teachers responded that they already had too many mugs to count.

“I have a file with personal notes from parents and a cabinet filled with pictures children have drawn over the years,” Meghan said. “I love looking at them every day. Impactful…you know you’ve made a difference.  Of course, if you’re looking to purchase a gift, Amazon!”

Jessica said when she receives gifts, students “know my love for coffee, sharpies and A.C. Moore,” adding she’s grateful for anything she receives as an art teacher.

In the book ‘Go See the Principal,’ educator Gerry Brooks addresses the topic. He says teachers often buy their own stickers and note cards, so those can make excellent gifts.  Amazon, Target or Walmart gift cards can also be used to purchase classroom supplies for the next school year.

If you’re looking to give the teacher something for themselves, a restaurant gift card can be a good idea, Brooke says. He warns, however, that if you buy a teacher a Starbucks gift card, to make sure that the teacher actually drinks coffee.

Brooks adds that teachers never expect anything because they know it can add up and become a burden for some families.

“When in doubt, a card that reads ‘thank you for everything you do,’ means a lot, even without a gift card inside,” he writes.

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