New Cumberland volunteer firefighter targeted by vandals


NEW CUMBERLAND, Pa. (WHTM) — A volunteer firefighter in New Cumberland said his vehicle has become a recent target for vandals.

Kevin Hinton has been a volunteer firefighter since he was 14. When he moved into a new home in New Cumberland three weeks ago, his personal vehicle that he uses for emergency calls has been vandalized twice.

“A lot of people try to give us the respect, but I think some of those folks out there just have issues,” Hinton said.

A shiny black pickup and a side of eggs — it’s not the typical sight on a New Cumberland street.

“Eggs — just laying by the front tire that were already cracked. So, I guess somebody tried to throw eggs at the vehicle, missed a little bit, but still hit the tire,” Hinton said.

As if there was a quest to turn his truck into a breakfast sandwich, the next vandals got cheesy.

“I don’t know about the cheese. Hopefully they could have used that to make a nice grilled cheese or something, but instead, it ended up on the truck,” Hinton said.

Why it ended up on the truck is unclear, but Hinton has his theories from experience.

“I’ve been flipped off multiple times — just driving by people and then getting the bird,” Hinton said.

He said his truck is constantly mistaken for police due to the emergency lights, and people often get aggressive.

“So, the only main reason we have it is if there’s actually an event that happens that somebody’s life is in jeopardy,” Hinton said.

As a volunteer, Hinton’s only payment is purpose. He doesn’t want officers being targeted either, but he wants people to stop and realize, this is a neighbor, not an establishment.

“It just seems to be happening more and more, and I don’t think a lot of people understand that fire personnel is different from police personnel,” Hinton said. “We’re all out here trying to help. So, it kind of stinks when that happens.”

Hinton said volunteer firefighters like himself have blue lights, no siren, and fire chiefs and officers in the fire department have red lights and a siren. Oftentimes, the lights are on personal cars.


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