New 'slow down to get around' law begins next week

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - A new Pennsylvania law takes effect Tuesday that requires drivers to slow down when passing stationary tow trucks, trash haulers, mail delivery vans, and other vehicles involved in performing a roadside service.

The "slow down to get around" law is designed to protect the lives of workers. 

The law says drivers approaching the vehicles must move at least one lane away when possible, or slow down to a "reasonable and proper speed for the existing road and traffic conditions, which shall be less than the posted speed limit, and be prepared to stop."

Pennsylvania's Steer Clear law already requires drivers to move over or slow down when approaching a roadside incident that involves an emergency responder.

The new law also requires trash and recycling haulers to have bright yellow strobe lights affixed to the roof. The lights must be active when the trucks are stopped on a street for waste collection or while moving between stops at speeds of 10 mph or less.

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