One student in custody, several others cited after fight at Harrisburg High School


Harrisburg Police say a fight broke out around noon while the students were inside Harrisburg High School eating lunch. 

Harrisburg School District officials say the building went on a non-emergency lockdown.

“We was in lunch and a fight broke out, and it was like all the black people versus like all the Puerto Rican kids,” said Ahmiere Mumford, Senior at Harrisburg High School.

Mumford says security guards tried breaking up the racially-motivated fight, but even more people jumped in. 

“They called the police and they came real agressive. They was pepper spraying people, hitting people with the batons, all that,” said Mumford. 

Just on Friday, Harrisburg Police and the Harrisburg School District announced a new partnership to build trust between students and police. 

They said students will soon be seeing officers during recess, assemblies, and at lunch. 

That didn’t stop Monday’s fight from happening. 

Parents were seen picking up their children after they received a phone call from the district telling them about the fight. 

Other students left on their own. 

“Once we got to our class my teacher wouldn’t let us in because she said we came to the class too late, but we were held up because they wasn’t letting anybody in or out of the cafeteria,” said Mumford. 

Regularly scheduled classes resumes within an hour of the lockdown. 

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