Over 200 organizations receive donations in Give Local York


$1.4 Million, that’s the amount raised from generous donors during the Give Local on Friday. The money will help more than 200 organizations. The non-profits are now getting ready to use that money for some special projects.

Lifepath Christian Ministries received the second most gifts out of the more than 200 organizations which participated in this year’s Give Local York.

One of the ministries’ projects is to built two “sacred rooms” for prayer and quiet time at the Women’s and Children’s Center.

Meagan Feaser is the organizer for the first-ever Give Local York, and saw more than $9,400 gifts to help improve the York County community. 

“It was really heartwarming to see the community really support this event and come out in droves,” Feaser.  

“We know that at least half of the gifts the organizations received were from brand-new donors, so these are new people who had never interacted with them before. They have the opportunity to really engage them in their mission and include them moving forward.”

Tina Hildebrand is the Director for Lifepath Christian Ministries’ Women’s and Children’s Center. “Oh, I was ecstatic,” said Hildebrand. “We want to do further training in relapse prevention. We have a lot of women that come from prison or that come from addiction lifestyles.”

The non-profit also wants to increase training for trauma. The Rotary Club of York wanted to collect $60,000 for the York County Sheriff’s Office to get a narcotics K-9.

“This really is just the start, and we would love to see it grow from here,” said Feaser.

The Rotary Club of York still needs to collect $40,000 to buy and train the narcotics dog. You should contact them directly if you’d like to donate.

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