The new state budget includes millions of dollars to help fight tick and mosquito-borne illnesses.

Pennsylvania leads the country with the most reported new cases of Lyme disease. Diagnoses have increased 25 percent a year over the last four years.

The money in the budget includes $2.5 million for hiring Health Department staff to implement 18 recommendations made by a Lyme disease task force.

“We want to work on prevention. We want to work on surveillance. We want to work on education and awareness about Lyme disease,” Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine said.

The recommendations include more Lyme disease prevention and education programs and more well-rounded surveillance of tick-borne diseases.

“This money will be very helpful for the Department of Health to be able to implement those recommendations,” Levine said.

The budget also includes a $139,000 increase to support the DEP’s West Nile and Zika surveillance programs.