Pa. lawmaker pushes for state to stay in EST, no more spring forwards or fallbacks


LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvanians set their clocks back one hour on Sunday, but if some state lawmakers have their way, Pennsylvania could never fall back an hour again.

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Representative Russ Diamond of Lebanon County is pushing a bill that would keep Pa. on eastern standard time all year round, which would mean no more springing ahead and falling back for daylight saving time.

His bill passed out of the House State Government Committee today, where some of Diamond’s colleagues were not on board.

“It became very confusing for folks who live in Philadelphia. What time is it in Trenton or what time is it in Delaware,” State Representative Scott Conklin (D), Centre County, said.

“Generally sees a spike in health incidents, such as heart attack and stroke accidents, workplace accidents, because people get messed up when we move the clocks one way or the other way,” Rep. Diamond said.

Other states are also trying to get rid of clock changes, but many of these want to stay in daylight time permanently, which requires Congressional approval. Since Diamond’s proposed bill would keep Pennsylvania on standard time, Congress would not be able to block it.

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