(WHTM) — Pennsylvania troops are back home following their participation in a decades-long peacekeeping operation in Egypt.

More than 200 members of the Pennsylvania National Guard returned home on Wednesday. They are with the 104th Cavalry and worked with multi-national forces in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Staff Sgt. Joshua Newcomer of Dillsburg waited a long time to see his children again.

“A year total, a little less than a year, I guess nine months rotation in Egypt plus mobilization and demobilization at Fort West Texas,” Newcomer said.

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The mission? To keep the peace between Egypt and Israel. Lt. Col. Kevin Potts says they would look for either Egyptian or Israeli aircraft, ships, tanks, or trucks. “So that way they can determine if there was a violation of the treaty of peace,” Potts said.

There were none. The peace-keeping mission just marked 40 years last month. “The longest peacekeeping mission in the world really,” Potts said.

The guard members are from the eastern half of Pennsylvania from Chambersburg to Philadelphia. Newcomer will return to his job as a Carlisle police officer after some well-deserved family time with his wife, daughter, and son.