PennDOT response to winter storm: “I think we did really well.”


“Given the circumstances, I think we did really well. Nobody died. We had a great response. We had all of our trucks out,” said Dave Rock, Assistant District Executive for Maintenance at PennDOT District 8.

Late Thursday morning, the snow moved in and began to pile up, and at the same time, schools and businesses let employees leave, resulting in gridlock. 

“You take a route like 83 in our area, it’s always to capacity on a nice sunny day. You throw snow and empty tractor trailers and hills into that mix, you’ve got a problem. Yesterday, we had a problem,” said Rock.

One commuter we caught up with says the conditions were horrendous. 

“It’s pretty bad out here. They’re not even plowing the roads or anything.”

But Rock says the plows were out in full force, and some got stuck in the gridlock as well. 

“We couldn’t get around either. We were sitting in traffic. When people stay out of our way, we’re very effective,” said Dave Rock. 

Rock says the storm reminds him of the Valentine’s Day storm in 2007, which also left drivers stranded. 

“We were left with not being able to get through with our trucks. I can remember it well,” said Rock. 

PennDOT then enacted changes in protocol, which were followed Thursday, but will there be more changes on the horizon?

“We will definitely look at our business, and see if there’s anything we missed or anything we did. I still feel feel we performed very well given the situation we had,” said Rock. 

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