Pennsylvania panel OKs bill to support volunteer fire companies


A Senate committee has approved legislation that would allow Pennsylvania’s volunteer fire companies to keep more money brought in with chicken barbeques and other fundraising events.

Senate Bill 83 would exempt companies from paying sales tax on food and beverages sold during any fundraiser. The Finance Committee reported out the legislation Wednesday by an 11-0 vote.

Sen. Scott Martin (R-Lancaster) said fire companies currently pay sales on all sales during fundraising events. He said Pennsylvania already exempts the sales tax on similar fundraising efforts, such as school sports booster clubs.

“It is a constant battle for volunteer fire companies to raise enough money to get the equipment and training they need to respond to emergencies,” Martin said in a statement. “Exempting volunteer fire companies from paying the sales tax on these kinds of fundraisers would provide more time and money for these organizations to focus on protecting our communities.”

The bill is awaiting a vote in the full Senate.


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