Perry County mom urging everyone wear helmets while riding ATVs

HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) - - In Pennsylvania, it's the law to wear a helmet while riding an ATV. One mom is urging parents to follow this rule, after her daughter ended up in the ICU from a four-wheeler accident. 

We are only identifying the family by their first names. Jamie talked to her daughter tem minutes before she went four-wheeling. 

"I said I don't really like those things. Please be careful. Please make sure you have your safety gear on," said Jamie. 

But, Jamie says her daughter didn't wear a helmet, and was in a serious accident. The 20-year-old Perry County woman was flown to the hospital, and doctors weren't sure she'd make it. 

"She ultimately cracked her skull literally in half," said Jamie. 

"It was extremely hard to see my sister like that...You see how they are and you know how they originally look, and then you see them like that and you don't recognize them," said Destenee, the sister of the woman who got into an ATV crash. 

Jamie tells us doctors removed half of her daughter's skull to relieve pressure. 

"When they took the skull out, they actually saw numerous spots on her brain that are actually going to die, so we don't even know the extent of her injuries yet," said Jamie. 

Jamie wanted to share her family's story, so that others enjoying sunny days on ATVs, dirt bikes and motorcycles take extra precaution.

Susquehanna Township EMS Chief Matt Baily says people on recreational vehicles should also consider other kinds of safety gear, like protective plates for your arms, chest and legs. 

"We recommend the full face type helmets which protect the lower parts of the jaw, other parts of the face so that if they land on the ground, something is there other than their flesh to take the impact," said Baily. "For the most part, it's this time of year that we'll see that type of injury or accident."

Jamie says doctors hope to put the piece of skull back in three months. Then, her daughter will be moved to intensive inpatient rehabilitation. 

"If she just had a helmet on, she wouldn't be here," said Jamie. 

For more information on other recreational vehicle safety recommendations, click here

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