Police voice concern in recent violent crimes involving juveniles


Steelton Police Chief Anthony Minium says four boys ages 16 and under were arrested for the armed robbery of a husband and wife that took place near the corner of South 4th and Swatara Streets. 

“The juveniles asked for a cigarette, and they said they were too young, and waited a little bit, 
and then asked for money,” said Minium. 

The couple told investigators that things took a scary turn. 

“At that time they were told no, and one of the individuals pulled a gun out and said I will shoot your wife. The wife ran inside and a round was fired,” said Minium. 

Minium says no-one was hit, and they used surveillance video to help track down the boys.

A 16-year-old is being charged as an adult. Chief Minium says there have been other incidents of gun fire, and a shot out of a car window in the borough. 

We reached out to the DA’s office in neighboring York County to find out if juvenile violent crime is up, our calls were not returned. 

“There is a conditioning with video games and social media all these things and rap video,” said Lamont Jones, Breaking the Chainz. “They have to understand this in not fortnight they have to see the consequences of bullet wounds and just incarceration.”

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