Preview of 2019 Give Local York fundraiser


There has been so much excitement surrounding Give Local York. This is it’s second year. 

Last year it raised $1.5 million, and this year organizers are looking to double that. 

There’s over 100 different organizations here in York that your donation can help benefit. One of them is at the York Ice Arena. 

When 11-year-old Talon is on the ice, he’s focused on learning the game, not the challenges of his autism. 

He’s one of 30 teammembers for the York Polar Bears. Founded in 2016 by Army veteran Richard Garrison. 

“We do play hockey, but hockey is the vessel. It’s the vessel to help them to overcome the extra things they were dealt with,” said Garrison. 

Garrison had his own set of challenges. Injured in Iraq in 2009, and wounded in Afghanistan in 2011. Life wasn’t good when he came home. 

“There was like, no light at the end of the tunnel,” said Garrison. 

He picked up ice hockey to ease the inner battles, but it lef to something greater, when he and his wife had the same calling. 

“I said hey I had this dream, and she says I had this dream too. She said her dream was that we started a special needs team, and I said I had the same dream!” said Garrison. 

One year later the York Polar Bears were on the ice. 

The Polar Bears are now prepping for their 4th season. Each year more players get involved, all with unique mental and physical disabilities, but all never more happy when its game time. 

“Just to watch them blossom and bloom and do what the world has told them they couldn’t do,” said Garrison. 

It costs them over $1,000 to equip each player. So the Polar Bears are asking for your donation on Give Local York. You can do so by clicking here. The 24-hour donation spree starts Thursday at midnight. 

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