Protest at Gov. Wolf’s home seeks redistricting change


Protesters spent the day camped outside Governor Wolf’s home on Thursday. 

“I’m not gonna’ let gerrymandering turn me around. I’m gonna keep on walking,” said one of the protesters.

The group March on Harrisburg is demanding the Governor call lawmakers back to the capitol for a special session. 

“We’re asking him to be a leader. We’re asking him to be bold,” said Rabbi  Michael Pollack. “Governor Wolf needs to step up, use his constitutional authority, and make the legislature do their job.” 

Two separate bills were in both the House and Senate this year. They would have changed the way maps are drawn in Pennsylvania. The measures would take lawmakers out of the process, and give the map drawing responsibilities to an independent commission. 

“We need to take the power of redistricting out of the hands of politicians and put it into the hands of an independent, non-partisan, citizens commission,” said Pollack. 

The House Bill, the most co-sponsored legislation of the season, saw hundreds of amendments added on to it. It has yet to be called for a full vote. 

“That’s in the house. If we need to come back to finish up anything they may have changed to get it done, we’re prepared to do that,” said Sen. Jake Corman.

“Bribery and map-rigging, that’s their game. Shame, shame, shame, shame!” cried the protesters. 

But with time running out, these protesters have set up camp, and are hopeful Gov. Wolf will listen to their concerns. 

“We will continue fighting. This is not the end, this is the beginning of many legislations that need to pass,” said Pollack. 

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