Racing fans remember local racing star, Greg Hodnett


A passionate racing fan, Herm Daihl showed up to BAPS Motor Speedway on Friday morning to pay his respects.

“I love Gregg Hodnett, and I just felt like I needed to be here,” said Daihl. “Kind of like maybe self healing thing for me maybe show respect and honor to him but I just had to be here.”

He met Greg Hodnett a few years ago, and they took this picture.

“He was a true gentleman and cared about his fans,” said Daihl.

Hodnett was killed Thursday when he lost control of his car in the first turn, hit a wall, and overturned. The York County Coroner says he died instantly.

Racing historian Stephen Bubb of the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing was at last night’s race. 

“We knew it was bad, we knew the crash was bad,” said Bubb. “A quiet atmosphere came over the track, the pits, the grandstands, it just was a very somber atmosphere.”

Sprint car legend Lynn Paxton found out about Hodnett’s death this morning. 

“When one of the head guys for the last 20 years all of a sudden isn’t with us anymore it’s quite a shock it really is,” said Paxton. 

The Eastern Museum of Motor Racing in York Springs is stocked with vintage cars, collectibles, memorabilia, and a wall of record holders. 

“And as you see one of them is missing of course that’s Greg Hodnett,” said Paxton. 

To honor him, the picture will grace the museum’s entrance for everyone to see. 

When Paxton was asked how it feels taking the picture down, he replied, “Not good. I wish it would’ve stayed there forever.”

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