Resumed search in 30-year-old cold case sparks community interest


The resumed search for a missing Dauphin County teen is the talk of several small towns in the area where she was last seen.

Tracy Kroh disappeared nearly 30 years ago, and residents hope it leads to the case being solved. 

“Somebody knows something, and it’s been 30 years,” said Holly Bryson, a Halifax resident.

Almost three decades, and still no sign of Kroh, last seen alive August 5, 1989.

Bryson always thought the case would pick back up. 

“Something just doesn’t make sense, I think there was more to it than maybe the police are saying,” said Bryson. 

Police may not be saying much, but abc27 was the first to exclusively report that investigators this week are back at a 30-acre section of property off Middle Road in Halifax Township, searching for Kroh.

A person of interest in her disappearance had ties to the property in 1989. 

“I hope they find something, it’s tough, it’s hard for the family,” said Rose Perniola, of Halifax. 

Perniola says it’s been unsettling for the community, and she hopes new DNA technology may help lead to a suspect. 

“The perpetrator may have left something that they thought was nothing and it might be something that’s gonna blow this thing wide open,” said Perniola. 

A big break in the case came in 1993, four years after her disappearance, when parts of Kroh’s wallet and ID were found in the Wiconisco Creek, some 9 miles from the Alex Acres trailer park in Halifax where she was last seen alive. 

That mobile home park is just 1/4 mile from the property investigators are re-searching now. 

A tip first led investigators to that plot of land back in 2016.

“I will help out by putting signs in my window if that’s what it takes to solve the mystery,” said Rachel Lapp, owner of a Millersburg pretzel shop. 

Lapp is one of many who have missing posters of Kroh placed in their windows. 

Kroh’s 1971 Mercury was found in Millersburg’s town square shortly after her disappearance, with no belongings inside. 

“If it helps in any small way to put the sign in the window to lead to anymore leads, I’ll gladly do that,” said Lapp. 

Police have established a hotline specifcally for this case – 717-645-3275. You can call or text that number and remain anonymous.

At this time, police believe Kroh was abducted by someone she knew – they are investigating her disappearance as a homicide.

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