Sinkhole at Lancaster County outlets gets bigger overnight


The Tanger Outlets in Lancaster County are back open, after a giant sinkhole opened in the parking lot Friday. 

The shops were packed Saturday, as many people took photos of the sinkhole that swallowed six cars, and almost two others.

The sinkhole got larger in less than 24 hours, destroying at least 15 parking spots.

“I just came because I saw it on social media,” said Chloe Williams, who lives in Lancaster.

“I had to come check it out,” said Nicholas Schaefer, a Lancaster resident. “I’ve never seen one in real life.”

Crews spent Friday night towing away the trapped vehicles.

“It’s a lot worse in person than on the pictures,” said Schaefer. “I think it’s just absolutely crazy.”

Engineers were at the scene both Friday and Saturday scanning the parking lot to determine which areas are and aren’t safe for people and their cars.

East Lampeter Police say the sinkhole may have been from faulty construction, or an underground storm basin collapsing.

Investigators tell us if the basin did collapse, the rain that slammed Lancaster County made it worse. 

“I was here last week and I parked right in one of those spots in front of H&M,” said Williams.

The sinkhole is just a short walk away from a playground, but both areas are fenced off.

Some of the drivers are getting rental cars while their vehicles get fixed.

“The garage has our car, and they will be checking it out this week and letting us know the damages,” said Kathie LaNasa, a York resident whose car was trapped.

LaNasa says even though her Chevy Equinox’s brakes are ruined, she’s just happy no one got hurt.

“That was a very busy area,” said LaNasa. “All of the popular stores are in that new corner, and it’s just amazing that nobody was walking right there.”

Police tell us the next step is to excavate the area to confirm the cause.

Crews still have to determine if the ground can handle heavy equipment. 

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