Staff member: "Teachers encouraged to change grades"

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - - A current Harrisburg School District staff member confirmed there is an internal investigation in the school district regarding grades. 
The staff member, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke with Abc27 Investigator Kendra Nichols.

Kendra Nichols: "Would you say the Harrisburg School District is in crisis?"

Staff Member- "Huge. Major. Our students are graduating illiterate, our students are graduating not being able to move on into society, we are not preparing them for the next step. The district themselves are conducting their own internal investigation. I know we were encouraged to pass our students."

Kendra Nichols: "When you say, 'we were encouraged', who were you encouraged by?"

Staff Member- "There was an email that went out from our principal encouraging extra credit and extra assignment for our students. In order to keep your job you have to follow certain protocol. If a student does not have a 50 percent, say for example they have a 17 percent, we have to give them a 50 percent on their marking period final grade. We have to give a 50."

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