Steelton native creates app allowing users to rate law enforcement interactions nationwide


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Alfie Hairston grew up in Steelton, Pennsylvania. He says when he was young, he and his friends had a strong relationship with the police department. one built on trust and familiarity.

“They knew us and the communication was strong between us,” Hairston said. “If we did something wrong, they would not chase us, they would just show up at our homes, and the situation would be addressed.”

Hairston developed the Law Enforcement Interaction Notification System app, or LINS, which gives users the ability to rate their interaction with police.

“People have cell phones with them most of the time,” Hairston said. “They can submit information about their encounter, including video and pictures.”

Hairston says if there is a bad incident, the user will have his information filed on the app, and if needed, can be compared to the incident report filed by police.

“Police are the only service people that don’t get rated,” Hairston said. “This gives people the chance to have their voices heard.”

Hairston encourages people to post positive interactions with police.

“They do good work in communities nationwide,” Hairston said.

The LINS app is now available in the app store on Apple devices. It’s not yet available on Android phones.

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