Stranded drivers describe horrendous conditions on I-83


“It was probably the worst thing I’ve ever experienced,” said Georgio Dalaperas, of Hellam Township. 

Georgio Dalaperas is talking about being stranded on I-83 for more than 9 and a half hours on Thursday. 

“People were just getting out and cleaning off the snow that was accumulating on their windshield…some people ran out of gas…it was absolutely ridiculous,” said Dalaperas.

Jaclyn Weyandt, along with every other employee at H & S Towing were out all day and night. 

“Everybody’s just sort of left with their hands up saying I don’t know what to do,” said Weyandt. 

Crews were clearing crashed and stuck vehicles across the region. 

“322, 83, 581, 283…A lot of postal units, those light vehicles getting stuck as they were trying to do their routes. Saw a lot of jackknifed tractor trailers,” said Weyandt. 

Gary Seiple of New Cumberland was one of the stranded drivers. 

“At about 4 o clock, my gas light came on,” said Seiple. 

Seiple’s journey home from work took about six hours. 

“I personally made a snowman on my side mirror and then when I got out to clear the snow off my car, I made a snowman and put him on my hood just to entertain myself,” said Seiple.

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