Susquehanna Township schools using modular buildings

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - - More local school districts school districts are using modular buildings to deal with an influx of students. 

Sara Lindemuth and Thomas Holtzman Elementary Schools in Susquehanna Township got the Township's okay to put up two modular buildings. Each school will have one of them, it's expected to add a total of 12 classrooms. 

Dr. Tamara Willis, Superintendent for the Susquehanna Township School District says a committee is working on a plan to accommodate more students coming into the Township.

"We explored renovations to the existing property,we are looking at existing properties in the district and or a vacant property in the township," said Dr. Willis. 

The modular buildings help keep class sizes smaller. The rush is on to get them up and running before the school year starts. 


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