A beaver that attacked a man and his daughter during a kayak trip in Adams County was rabid, the Department of Health said.

The beaver tested positive for rabies after it was sent for testing by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Health Department spokesman Nate Wardle said Thursday.

Dan Wherley was on the Conewago Creek near Biglerville when the beaver relentlessly attacked Sunday, He said the animal gnawed on his paddle and eventually swam right for his daughter Layla.

“It just made a beeline straight for her, so I dove out of my kayak and I had to smack it off of it. I was in the creek fighting it as she got up on the bank,” he said.

Wherley said he first initially intended to retreat and not harm the beaver, but he says its persistent attacks even when he and Layla reached shore forced him to kill it.

No one was bitten, but Wherley is getting a round of rabies shots as a precaution.