LEWISBERRY, Pa. (WHTM) — An international search is underway to find a hometown family. Toronto-based Adam Wilson took photography back up during the pandemic as a way to explore new places and get fresh air.

He found that he could get decades-old cameras for cheap, and he didn’t mind fixing them up.
Recently, he bought an 18-year-old camera from a seller on eBay.

“I opened the door and there was film inside, and I was like, ‘whoa,'” Wilson said.

Wilson asked the seller about the camera’s origin, but all he could tell him was that he got it from a storage locker in Lewisberry.

The story could have ended there, but something in these people’s faces made Wilson want to focus and give it another shot.

“It seems fitting to try to like give them back, you know? They’re not really mine,” Wilson said.

Now he’s searching for the photos rightful owners.

“One of the best clues is there’s Christmas stockings hanging on a mantel in one of the pictures, and the name Bob is very clear, and the name Mimzy shows up — M-I-M-Z-Y,” Wilson said.

Based on other clues and the film’s quality, Wilson estimates the photos were taken between 1996-2001.

“The oldest person in the photo is wearing a Yankees hat, which has a list of championships on the side, and it’s either a 96′ or 2001 championship hat,” Wilsons said.

It might seem like a lot of effort for nameless strangers in a different country, but Wilson has his reasons.

“I have people in my life who are gone, and if somebody showed me photos of them, I would be thrilled, and they just look like nice people having a nice time,” Wilson said.

Holidays pass. Months creep into years. Loved ones’ smiles turn into warm memories, but photos are the closest we’ll ever get to living forever, and these “forevers” mean something to someone.

“It would be like time travel. It would be like something that you dropped 25 years ago — you just found it again,” Wilson said.

If you recognize anyone in the photos, email Sarah at sgisriel@abc27.com.