Up on the roof-principal rewards Susquehanna Township students for fundraising


SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — Isn’t it nice when you can just get out of the office for a little while? Jacquie Wapinsky, principal of Thomas W. Holtzman Elementary, Susquehanna Township School District. is spending the morning on the roof of her school.

“There’s a nice breeze up here,” she says. “I know it was supposed to be the hottest day of the spring, but there’s a nice breeze.”

Her temporary change of address is part of a multi-school challenge to raise money for a new canine officer, for Susquehanna Township Police.

“We love to support our local police station. So we decided as a district, that we were going to, during the month of April, we were going to raise funds for the canine office,” she explains. “I promised our students that if we raised the most money, out of all four buildings, I would work a day on the roof.”

They called the fundraiser “Pennies for Puppies”. “We encouraged them to look in their couch cushions, and look under the seats in their car, just to bring in their coins.” Wapinsky says, “And they ended up giving us $3,989.”

And district wide? The four schools raised $11,400.

Principal Wapinsky is out of her office, but not out of touch with her kids. She has her laptop with her, and she’s spending the morning calling into the classrooms. “And I say hi to all the kids, and I let them ask me three questions.” she also picks up her laptop and shows the students her office away from the office. “I let them see ‘look I’m on the roof like I promised you guys.”

Not only did the students get to “elevate” their principal today, but they also had a visit from Auggie Susquehanna, the police department’s canine ambassador and spreader of good cheer. Wapinsky says for the students, the fundraiser was a welcome change of pace.

“It’s been a crazy year,” she says, “and we are so proud of all the work they did, and I think it was a distraction for them. It was something exciting, something they could make a difference in, and they worked really hard for it, too.”

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