DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Lower Paxton Township Police continue to investigate a scam that led to one individual losing over $16,000. According to the police report, the scam started when the individual received a notification that her computer had been hacked and to call the phone number on her screen.

The individual called the number and spoke with a scammer claiming to be a representative. The individual was informed that operatives in China were attempting to withdraw money from her bank account. The scammer then informed the individual to go to several local bank branches and obtain cashier checks.

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It was at this time that the individual went to the banks and then used a few of the cashier’s checks to purchase cryptocurrency at crypto ATMs. The money was then sent to an account designated by the scammer.

During the phone calls, each time the call was dropped, the scammer called back again and “spoofed” the phone number to appear as the individual’s bank. The scammer also informed the individual to not take any phone calls from family who were attempting to call them during the time of the scam.

The Lower Paxton Township Police Department reminds individuals that banks will never require forms of payment to stop fraud or theft from an account.