Video shows UPS driver brought to tears when entire town surprises him with thank you party


DAUPHIN, Pa. (WJW) — An entire town in Pennsylvania banded together to thank their beloved UPS driver, who sometimes worked 70 hours per week to make sure they all had their packages after the pandemic hit.

It was all a huge surprise for Chad Turns, and the touching moment was caught on video.

“He goes out of his way to make us feel taken care of,” said resident Adam Shickley. “He’s been working like 140 hours every two weeks. Never a sour face, always ‘living the dream.'”

Shickley’s wife, Jenny, was the main force behind a special thank-you event held for Turns on Tuesday.

To show their appreciation for his dedication, she, with help from the community, coordinated the surprise with his local UPS office and dispatch. Turns believed he was picking up an on-demand delivery from a firehouse.

But instead, as a Facebook video shows, he was greeted with cheers, balloons and several masked residents ready to present him with cards, gifts and $1,000 raised for him by the community. Photos courtesy of Kristie Vogelsong show the emotional surprise:

They applauded and and yelled “Thank you, Chad!” as he pulled up in his truck.

“Well thank you. Oh my God,” he said as he read through a giant card. “I don’t know what to say, now, you got me choked up.”

He then pulled out his handkerchief to wipe his eyes.

Shickley said Turns, who has delivered in the town for several years, is a man who truly cares about others.

“Chad once thought an unwrapped box was a gift for my children, and he didn’t deliver it until he could hide it in the garage letting me know he didn’t want to ruin a surprise,” said Shickley.

He’s also known for giving biscuits to the dogs on his route.

“We just think his caring and compassionate attitude is something we wanted to reward,” said Shickley. “He’s one in a million.”

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