DICKINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — A positive mosquito sample for West Nile Virus was identified in Cumberland County, the county’s Vector Control Office announced on Monday. It was the first positive WNV sample in the county this year.

The sample was collected in Dickinson Township, where the Cumberland County Vector Control Office has already conducted mosquito spraying to reduce the population.

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There are currently six counties in Pennsylvania where WNV has been identified, according to data from the state’s Department of Environmental Protection. Cumberland County is the only Midstate county where positive samples have been found so far.

Mosquitoes transmit WNV by feeding on an infected bird before biting another animal. The virus is not spread by human-to-human contact, a Cumberland County press release explains.

One in five people infected with WNV develops a mild infection called West Nile Fever, which includes symptoms like aches, fever, rashes, and swollen lymph nodes, according to the press release from Cumberland County. Most people recover in a few days.

Less than 1% of those infected with the virus develop life-threatening West Nile Encephalitis, which can include symptoms such as high fever, headaches, muscle weakness, disorientation, tremors, and convulsions. These infections require medical treatment.