Arson victim details nightmare of losing home to accused ex-boyfriend


The nightmare is far from over for a Manchester woman whose house burned to the ground last month.

Her ex-boyfriend, Douglas Kesecker, 47, was arrested for the crime after evading police for 11 days. 

He will get his day in court, but for his alleged victim, Loretta Bailey, who had just moved into her home this past summer, the misery continues. 

Bailey’s house is no longer her home. Her six-month relationship with Douglas Kesecker also went up in flames before her home did on Dec. 10.

Bailey said Kesecker was jealous and lashed out at her after she told him she needed space 

“Thanksgiving eve is when everything first started happening,” Bailey said. “He vandalized my truck, painted my house, stole things out of my truck.”

“I said that she needed to get out, that she needed to contact the police and she needed to have other things done,” said Roxana Smith, Loretta’s niece. 

Bailey tried to get a protective order, but police said Kesecker eluded officials trying to serve him paperwork.

A few days later, Bailey received the call at work — her house was gone, and so was Kesecker, who was on the run. 

She said she was in complete shock. 

“How could anybody do this, and all the sentimental things that I lost — anything else is not important, but the sentimental things that you lose is what hurts the most,” Bailey said. 

Eleven days later, Kesecker was arrested, but that doesn’t bring closure. She’s still fearful. 

“I couldn’t be alone. I had to have someone with me at all times, moving from place to place,” Bailey said. 

“Nights, you don’t sleep. You have to constantly look over your shoulder even though you know he’s currently locked up,” Smith said. 

Bailey will rebuild. 

“It’s hard right now, but we will get through this, and she will be a stronger person for it,” Smith said. 

However, she won’t forget, and she wants others to learn from her experience 

“If you see a change in somebody, and they apologize and apologize, and you still see it happening, just run away or tell somebody. Don’t get suckered in like I did,” Bailey said. 

Her family created a Gofundme, and they say even $5 helps, but some things money can’t buy. 

“He just took a lot from me,” Bailey said. 

Bailey has twin grandsons that often stayed at her house, and some of their toys were salvageable, but due to one of their lung conditions, she had to leave everything behind.  

To donate to her Gofundme, click here

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