Bamboo blamed for big bird mess


A York County woman says overgrown bamboo in her neighbor’s backyard is attracting hundreds of birds – and they’re leaving behind quite a mess.

Tami Gesner says she and other neighbors can’t go outside at dusk, and they’ve about given up trying to keep their properties clean.

“When we come to bring out our trash, we got to watch where we touch because there is poop everywhere,” Gesner said. “I can’t even put out my decorations. I’m afraid they’re going to get covered.”

Gesner’s house is just feet away from the bamboo.

“It’s loud. It’s like that bird movie where the birds attack,” she said. “You just walk outside and you can hear the droppings. It hits our granite. We can hear it. They’re flying all over and it’s scary.”

The only way to stop the birds is to remove the bamboo, but that requires thousands of dollars in lawn excavation.

“And that, to me, is not fair when I didn’t even plant it,” Gesner said.

The bamboo grower said she planted it about 20 years ago. Despite numerous complaints to Fairview Township, officials say growing bamboo doesn’t violate any codes.

Neighbors, desperate for a solution, are starting to worry about their health. One woman said she has weak kidneys and ingesting just a trace of the bird droppings could kill her. She now spends a lot of time indoors.

“It’s not fair to them that they can’t walk outside,” Gesner said. “They don’t know what they’re coming out to and it can hurt them.”

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