Celtic Classic Dog Show underway at York Expo Center


The Celtic Classic Dog Show is underway at the York Expo Center.

Thousands of dogs and their trainers from across the country came to compete.

“It’s very competitive,” said Jessica Legath, a trainer from Florida. “It’s a lot of work. It’s a dog eat dog world.”

Organizers said every dog competing is purebred, and taking home a ribbon requires each breed to fit the standard. Judges look at height, weight, and coat color.

Legath said it’s a year-round job to keep dogs show ready.

“You eat lunch and then your life goes back to the dogs, and then you eat dinner and you’re back to the dogs. The only time you have off is sleep,” she said.

The Celtic Classic is a joint venture of the York Kennel Club, the Delaware County Kennel Club, and the Lancaster Kennel Club. The show is open to the public and runs until March 17.

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