Deadly week in York ends with a vigil


YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Family and friends who lost people they love to gun violence gathered Friday for song and prayer.

Their message to each other was about helping neighbors.

“Mothers can’t pay rent, can’t buy food, clothing, so what do you think a young man is going to do if someone is making fun of him? He’s going to go sell drugs or be out on the street, trying to fit in with a clique or a gang,” Tonya Larry said.

Police struggle to find suspects because people with information on crimes stay quiet.

“The community has to step up and help out,” Larry said. “If they don’t, nothing will get solved.”

While many shootings are retaliatory, there’s a consensus the city needs programs or community centers to raise children in better environments.

“This is generational, so we say start with the youth,” Susan Vega Sprenkle said. “We are not implying that there’s not a problem already with the older people because this has gone on for so long.”

In the past 24 hours, police have gathered enough evidence including video surveillance. That they feel confident they will soon be able to make arrests on those most recent shootings.

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