YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — For more than half a century, it’s where people in York went to try to get better. But now, the old Memorial Hospital site itself has seen better days. A developer says he can give it new life as luxury apartments.

Memorial Hospital closed in 2019, and it wasn’t in great shape then. That’s why UPMC moved to a new site. Now, the old building is in even worse condition.

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“Initially we had an intention to keep the lobby and a lot of parts of that building as-is, but regretfully, some people broke into it and they vandalized it,” said Israel Weiss, a partner at BHI Properties. The development company wants to turn the site into about 100 rental apartments, maybe even with an indoor swimming pool.

That is, if he can get a permit. In fact, other kinds of requirements are why the building still looks a bit rundown, even though Weiss and his partners bought it almost a year ago.

Spring Garden Township is asking the group for what’s called a land development plan. “It’s setting everything back. Hopefully we’re going to finish it in a few months,” Weiss said.

“I just hope I’m going to get a permit soon enough because everything is lined up and we can’t start working,” Weiss said. “We’re all excited to get going.”

Spring Garden Township’s manager declined to comment.

As for what the revamped building will look like, Weiss says some of the inside will be preserved, but it won’t be much because of the vandalism that occurred there. The outside will be “more or less exactly the same,” Weiss said, which may help to hold onto some of the building’s history.