Gov. Wolf supporters to hold drive by parade


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pandemic and politics.

It’s been our main focus for the last two months, drawing a distinct line in the sand between the people who support the governor and those who do not.

After two Reopen PA rallies, we’ve heard a lot from Wolf’s opponents and not his supporters.

Until now.

“Where is Wolf? Where is Wolf,” chanted protesters last Friday.

“What Governor Wolf is doing is so wrong,” said another protester during the Reopen PA Rally.

One person’s wrong is another’s right. 

“I think it’s time we need to show the governor some love,” said Judith Higgins, one of several York County democrats organizing a drive by parade of support for the governor this Saturday.

Their caravan will meet at the York Galleria Mall at 12:30 p.m. to drive to the Governor’s home in Mount Wolf. 

“We’re going to have signs on our cars and honk and scream and carry on — much like you’ve seen other parades happen recently,” Higgins said.

She agreed to organize after Toni Smith — a former York City councilwoman who grew up in Italy during World War II — came up with the idea.

“At the age of three was shot in the leg by a German. So, she has some really strong feelings about patriotism and doing what’s right,” Higgins said.

What’s right to these women? Respect.

“People are kind of like thumbing their nose, and that’s disrespectful, and would we put up with that from a teenager? Would we put up with that from a child? Well, of course not,” Higgins said.

She did admit, however, the situation is far from ideal.

“We’re impatient. I understand that. This is not a patient era for any of us — it’s kept a lot more people from dying,” she said.

To her, a life saved is a day well spent in quarantine, and even though Gov. Wolf has a subdued demeanor, she believes he governs with heart and hard data. 

“I think that’s one of the things that some people miss. They think he’s — you know — a pushover or something. Don’t underestimate somebody who is calm and collected,” Higgins said.

Anyone who wants to spread a message of support to the governor is welcome to attend. People are encouraged to make signs and bring pinwheels in memory of people who died, while also acknowledging how many people they believe were saved by Wolf’s mandates.

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