Groundbreaking on new phase of Heritage Rail Trail


A groundbreaking ceremony for a $2.1 million project expected to boost tourism and economic growth to York County.

“We are breaking ground for the next phase of northern extension of the Heritage Rail Trail’s county park,” said Carl Knoch, Chairman of the York County Rail Trail Authority. “The rail trail is a real centerpiece for York County.”

With a push of a shovel, that centerpiece gets a whole lot bigger.  “The extension will be about six-and-a-half miles long when it’s finished, said Knoch. 

“Right now, we’re looking at a one-and-a-half mile section that will bring the trail from U.S. Route 30 where it ends right now down to North George Street very close to downtown York.”

Construction for this section will start in June, and will connect the York County Heritage Rail Trail to Maryland.

“I think it’s a draw. We have this beautiful Codorus Creek and then we also have the revitalization of our city,” said County Commissioner Susan Byrnes. 

“When the trail becomes 28-miles long, it connects to another 20 miles of trail that starts in Ashland, Maryland, and goes up to the Maryland state line, so now you have a trail that’s really almost 50 miles long,” said Knoch.

This is the third phase of the trail’s northern extension.  “Think of how rough the landscape was when this was put in here and what a dream it was for everybody,” said Helfrich.

“Go out and get on the happy place here in York County. Get on our rails and trails,” said Byrnes.

This part of the York Rail Trail is expected to be completed by the end of this year. 

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