Parents in West York School District working to stop bullying


Rhonad Lucky wanted answers to what happened to her son on the school bus. 

After seeing video from a bus camera, she was outraged to see her son apparently being punched by other students. She feels like the district didn’t take action. 

“It’s been crazy, all the people that are messaging me. I had no idea it was this bad,” said Lucky. 

She says after nothing was done to stop the bullying on her son’s bus, she told the story on Facebook where it was shared over 7,600 times. 

Lucky’s attorney Rebecca Lyttle says since the post was made, parents started pouring out their stories, some very similar, of their children being bullied with no repercussions. 

“All these other parents were coming out the woodwork and contacting her through social media, saying hey, this is what happened to my child,” said Lyttle. “If this was an isolated incident, it would be one thing, but there are probably dozens of kids and parents that are affected by this. It could be a pretty big lawsuit.”

The school recently strengthened its penalties for bullying on the bus. Lyttle says she wants the school’s superintendent and principal held accountable. 

“Every policy can be improved, of course, but they’re not acting on it the way they should and that’s breaking the law,” said Lyttle, “and not only breaking the law, but its putting children in extreme danger, and that’s what’s important: protecting our children.”

Lucky says this goes beyond seeking justice for her son.

“It’s about all the kids and all these parents that have been contacting me, our kids are being beat up, are afraid to go to school. This has got to stop,” said Lucky. 

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