Questions surround lack of work on Accomac Inn


WRIGHTSVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – The new owner of the Accomac Inn, who goes by the name “Happy Henry,” bought it for $1 million. He said he had big plans to restore the landmark building and turn it into a summer getaway.

Henry wanted it done by April, but neighbors say he is nowhere in sight. 

“I was out having lunch and saw the paper say ‘Accomac closes suddenly.’ I wanted to have a paper read, ‘Accomac opens suddenly’,” said Henry Shenk. 

During a conversation with Henry last December, the businessman said his plans included a bed and breakfast for a summer retreat near the river. 

“He was on it, and it just didn’t go through,” said Michael Ingalls, a neighbor. 

People who live next door to the inn say the only thing that has changed since last year is an orange sign on the door stating that Happy Henry got his liquor license. 

Locals say they haven’t seen Henry or anyone working at the Accomac for several months. 

When we tried to call the new owner, we got no response. 

“I was happy because Happy Henry was going to make it into a restaurant again,” said Ingalls. 

Kitchen equipment sits outside, untouched, and the property remains unkept. 

“People party, throw stuff around, and I pick it all up,” said Ingalls. 

Locals, now taking some maintenance into their own hands, just want to see the historic space used well. 

“I don’t know what’s going to happen here, but I hope it stays historical. Maybe a museum would be good,” said Ingalls. 

We also tried calling Henry’s attorneys but they did not answer any of our calls. 

We know of at least one groom who made a deposit for a wedding reception at the Accomac and he is still out $10,000. He says is not hopeful he’ll get his money back. 

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