YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — Congressman Scott Perry is coming under fire for comments he made at an event.

While speaking during an event with the Rotary Club of York the republican said systemic racism is horrific, but the U.S. doesn’t fall into that category and that the recent police shootings involving black men have been sensationalized.

“To say the United States falls into that category of systemic racism that belies the fact that we had a war to cleanse our country of that issue. The propensity of these events is actually going down it’s the sensationalism of these events that’s changed, ” said Rep. Scott Perry.

Eugene DePasquale, who’s running against Perry this November said, “Comments like these from Congressman Perry show just how out of touch he is with our community and why he is no longer fit to lead. Instead of denying racism exists, we need to come together as one nation to stop it.”