Search for owners of missing class ring

LOGANVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) - Seven-year-old Sam Kocher has a knack for finding things. 

"This is a little bit of sponge, a little bit of iron," said Kocher. 

He gets it from his dad, whose hobby is finding artifacts and fossils. But Sam didn't think he was going on a dig when his mom picked up a black Nissan Altima rental car on August 31. 

"I was just trying to get all the trash out and I found something metal," said Kocher.

Sam found a class ring that appeared to be very loved since the name of the owner and the university was worn off. 

"I either thought it was a Super Bowl ring or a regular ring," said Kocher. "It's a class ring that looks like it was worn and worn well. I'm sure whoever owned it was very proud of the university and their graduation."

There were only 7,000 miles on the car, so Kocher thought it would be easy to find the owner, but after turning up nothing from the rental place, she turned to the internet. 

"Once I posted it on Twitter, more people joined in the fun, and eventually, someone said they thought it belonged to Bluffton College, which is now Bluffton University from Ohio," said Jenn Kocher, Sam's mom. 

Bluffton University archivists confirmed the ring was theirs, which was a good start but not a solution. 

"Unfortunately, that seal was in use from somewhere around 1913 to something like 1999, so we couldn't even use that to narrow it down," said Jenn Kocher. 

The family says they're not giving up until the ring is reunited with its owner. 

"Whoever lost it probably doesn't even realize it was left in the rental car, and they may even think that it's lost for good. So, we're hopeful that maybe they'll get a nice surprise," said Jenn Kocher. 

"We hope we get in contact with you, and we'll give you the ring," said Sam Kocher. 

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