Town hall set to discuss school property tax elimination


There’s a town hall discussion Wednesday about a newly proposed school property tax elimination act. Taxes would go down for some but rise for others.

The meeting is Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. at Bethlehem United Methodist Church in Dallastown, York County. The address is 109 East Main Street.

State Reps. Mike Jones of York County and Frank Ryan of Lebanon County are co-hosting the event. According to Ryan’s website, four groups would benefit. Those groups are seniors, renters, property owners, and school districts.

Ryan said seniors would save 75% of all taxes they currently pay. Landlords would save money and be expected to lower the price for renters by the amount of property taxes saved. School districts would benefit from economic growth.

According to the new plan, taxes would go up on personal income, local sales, and retirement income. Personal income tax would go up 1.85% percent. Local sales tax will go up 2% and retirement income would be taxed at 4.92%.

For more details about the School Property Tax Elimination Act, click here.

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