West York Mayor Shawn Mauck wants to bridge the gap between his residents and law enforcement.

“I visited one of our elementary schools not so long ago and I asked the kids if they were afraid to talk to an officer to raise their hand, and three-quarters of the kids raised their hands that they were actually afraid of law enforcement,” Mauck said.

Mauck says the disconnect makes protecting the community and solving crime more difficult.

“What we find is some of the best information to solve cases is right in front of people in the neighborhood,” he said.

If they had the right platform – an easy way for residents and police to communicate – he says things could turn around. And that’s what Crimewatch is all about. Mauck wants residents to use the app instead of staying silent or turning to social media.

“We just had a town hall. I told people you posting a Facebook notification is not a good way to get out a crime notification or community problem,” he said.

Officials say the Crimewatch app works both ways. 

“It also allows us to deliver in real-time messages, notifications and broadcasts of emergency situations that we feel could impact public safety,” West York police Chief Matt Millsaps said.

Mauck hopes the app will be live by the end of the month. 

He also wants to install cameras in parks and intersections as an added safety measure.