Women leading small business revolution in city of York


The philosopher, Beyonce, once asked, “who runs the world?”

“Most of the time, I’m working with a bunch of women,” said Jessica Weikert, owner of Revolt Style Studio. 

To two business owners in York City, the answer is clearly “girls.” 

Alexandria Keener-Hammond started My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe in college with her mother. 

“It started out as my college internship and then it expanded into my junior and senior projects,” Keener Hammond said. 

That project turned into a lifelong passion. 

“This is it. This is what I’m going to do. So, seven years later, here we are,” Keener-Hammond said. 

A few storefronts down, Weikert is celebrating three years of business in the city of York. She said she’s constantly surrounded by creative female minds. 

“I’ve actually had two meetings this week that were 99 percent women,” Weikert said. 

Instead of just guessing how many women are succeeding in York, the pair set out to find concrete answers by compiling a list. 

“In putting together this list, we realized that there were over 70 small businesses owned by women within a 26 block radius,” Keener Hammond said. 

“I couldn’t choose just one person that I feel empowered by because it’s just a community of — everyone is empowering each other and everyone wants each other to succeed,” Weikert said. 

That personal success also seems to be transferring to York, where Weikert said more businesses are popping up and sticking around for longer. 

“Community over competition is what’s going to make downtown York thrive. If we’re competing against each other, then we’re not helping anybody else,” Weikert said. 

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