Women told to leave golf course seek their place in politics


Three African American women who were asked to leave a Dover Township golf course last year are fighting for change by running for office.

Sandra Harrison, one of the so-called “Grandview Five”, is running for York County prothonotary.

“I want a seat at the table because I really believe that if people interact with each other, you get a better result when there are different ingredients,” Harrison said.

Harrison is not the only Grandview Five member to seek a place on the ballot. Karen Crosby, a banker, is running for county commissioner. Sandra Thompson, a lawyer, is running for judge in the county court of common pleas.

“Every level, we should have representation, people who look like the neighborhood,” Thompson said.

A fourth member of the Grandview Five, Myneca Ojo, was elected mayor of Hanover in October.

The women were playing at the Grandview Golf Club in April when they say a club representative approached them on the second hole and told them they were playing too slowly, which they deny. After the ninth hole, the group says they were told they were taking too long of a break and needed to leave.

Police were called when some of the women refused to leave the club. No one was charged.

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