York City Police finding new ways to recruit officers


YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — Recruiting people to work in any kind of organization right now is tough.

Now, imagine being a police department, that wants people who live in the city and look more like the city’s residents. York thinks it’s possible and worth the effort.

“I’m hoping to take a step back,” York Police Commissioner Michael Muldrow said.

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Yeah, you heard that right. Not what you might expect to hear from a police commissioner who says he is trying to move forward. But, he means a step back for the York Police Department in one particular way.

“The department was undeniably more diverse in the 80s and 90s than it has been for years,” Commissioner Muldrow said. “And I’m looking to get back there, to a very character-filled, personality-driven department that’s reflective of this community.”

Reflective in more than one way, racially and ethnically, yes. In a city that’s roughly one-third white, one-third African-American, and one-third other racial and ethnic minorities.

More women, sure. But Commissioner Muldrow also wants more people who actually live in the city, regardless of what they look like. One way to do that is through the recruiting process.

“We wanted to know, with respect to recruits, exactly who wants to be here. it’s good that individuals want to be police officers in general. but for me, I want the candidates who want to be here,” Commissioner Muldrow said.

He wants candidates that aren’t just using York as a stepping stone to go somewhere else. He says that consideration used to be just an afterthought. Now, it’s the core. But, Muldrow has an idea. Give extra points in the hiring process to people who live locally or represent underrepresented communities.

Another idea would be to start the recruitment process with people who aren’t even old enough to be police officers.

He wants to hire 20 cadets. He’s willing, even enthusiastic, about hiring cadets whose life today isn’t what they hope it’ll be someday.

“It would bring them, in a paid capacity to be able to make life bearable for them in the meantime, and give them the opportunity to learn their craft from professionals that are already in the field, and get some experience in a hands-on way,” Commissioner Muldrow said.

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