YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — York City Police have arrested a suspect in a shooting that occurred on Wednesday afternoon at a corner store on E. Market Street.

Just before 1:30 p.m., York City Police responded to reports of a shooting at 601 E. Market Street at Six Oh One Grocery corner store. When they arrived, they found a 35-year-old male with a gunshot wound in his leg. The victim is expected to survive and is currently being treated at York Hospital.

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Police were also able to arrest 47-year-old Marcial Serrano as the suspect of the shooting.

Police say Serrano came into the store and pointed a firearm at the store’s owner. Serrano demanded money and pointed a firearm at the owner.

The owner later fled the building, locking Serrano inside with a customer. Serrano demanded a customer, Javan Matthews to open the store door and the victim told him he was only a customer and wasn’t able to. Serrano then pointed the gun at Matthews threatening to kill him.

Matthews once again explained his inability to unlock the door and Serrano opened fire. He fired multiple shots and struck the victim’s leg.

A corner store neighbor who lives right above the grocery store for the past year shares how he heard all the commotion and wanted to check on the store clerk right away.

“It just sounded like too much scuffling going on, I went down-stairs to make sure she’s alright, I couldn’t get in and I hear somebody yelling like get off me, he got a gun and somebody shot I went back in my hallway went up-stairs, and they shot again,” Be Haza said.

Matthews then took the gun away after struggling with Serrano.

Serrano then broke out through a small bathroom window. Serrano was caught by police in the 100 block of Ridge Avenue.

One nearby homeowner who did not want to appear on camera says the violence in the area is becoming too much for him to handle.

“Well, there’s bloodstains in the alley, bloodstains, in front of my building well there’s blood down here, just about every street in this city, how would it make you feel?” one nearby neighbor said.

Officers say things could have ended much worse. “And we’re just thankful that the situation turned out as positive as it did, our officer’s response was exactly how it needed to be to the point that we would make a quick arrest on that,” Lt. Daniel Lentz said.

Serrano is facing charges of Criminal Attempt Homicide, Aggravated Assault, Attempted Robbery, and Persons Not to Possess a Firearm. The possession charge comes from a 2013 felony conviction for burglary, saying he is ineligible to own a gun.

This is a developing story, abc27 will provide updates as they become available.