York High School honors memory of 9/11


YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Most high school students on today’s date were born after the 9/11 attacks, however, some students want to pay their respects to the fallen nonetheless.

For those that remember when the twin towers fell, the moment is one that was frozen in time. High school students in York County say that they can only imagine from the stories their teachers have shared.

“That’s been one of the most touching things for me, is having those teachers that tell us what it means to them or where they were,” said Central York Senior, Clayton Brosend.

Brosend aided in organizing a memorial outside Central York High School: A flag for each person that was killed in 9/11.

The students that put them there were all born the year after the attacks and unlike, their teachers and everything they know about that day were taught.

“Any exposure I got in school wasn’t a necessary part of the curriculum, it was from teachers that decided to go off the lesson plan one day,” said Brosend.

Brosend sends the flags to show his elders his generation, is listening.

At Central York 18 years ago, AP government teacher Karen Hudson was at work during the time of the attacks.

“I can still see it, I was watching live with my students in the classroom and I can still see their faces,” said Hudson.

Her deeply personal stories are something that she is able to share with her students first-hand. Emotions that can’t be conveyed through a textbook.

“When you see somebody giving you that kind of perspective it makes you think maybe this isn’t just some kind of historical concept, maybe its something greater that I want to learn about more,” said Brosend.

Wednesday morning several classrooms gathered around the flag memorial for a moment of silence.

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