York mayor: Public can help solve recent violent crimes


YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – York police recently issued an alert indicating a recent rise in armed robberies, home invasions and shootings may be related.

Investigators say that the victims in the cases were targeted.

Mayor Michael Helfrich says there are gangs in the city, but it appears these crimes are not gang-related. He says the majority of the incidents involve payback over disagreements.

“People kind of go from group to group, so it does not have that lifelong commitment that we see in gang affiliations,” Helfrich said.

Clarence Allen says it’s is critical for residents and police to work together, but he knows that kind of relationship can be difficult to develop.

“It is a trust issue,” Allen said. “That can be a challenge, but if it happens, that can help solve and prevent a lot of crimes across the board.”

Helfrich says he continues to build on community engagement efforts.

“I know trust takes time to build,” he said, “but when we are asked to attend an event or community meeting to address concerns, we do our best to be there.”

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