York Public Works prepares for winter weather


YORK Pa. (WHTM) — The Public Works folks have been bringing in loaders in the snow dome, scooping up salt, and loading it into the salt trucks, which, in turn, will be staged for Thursday night.

With all the general uncertainty in the world about supplies and staffing, abc27 asked whether this city is ready for the storm.

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“We had gotten and received about 1,200 tons of salt here in the last couple of months, so our salt shed was completely full up until we had that little disturbance about a week ago. But, we are sitting really good right now with our materials,” York City Highway Superintendent Keith Gerber said. “

“Equipment-wise we’re good. manpower-wise, we’re shifting guys around to make sure we have our shift full during the worst of the storm,” York County’s PennDOT Manager Gary Ishman said.

Not as many salt truck and snowplow drivers as he wishes, But, there will probably be enough for this storm. This is because the moderate snow we are expecting, and also because of the timing.

“The timing of the storm is great for us, you know coming in overnight. Less traffic, and not so many people on the road, it gives us a chance to work, and we get a good jump on it,” Ishman said.

A jump earlier too by pre-treating the highways

“We’re spraying salt brine on the highway, It kind of puts a coating down on the road and gives us 45 minutes to an hour head start. It helps us out to keep up with the storm,” Ishman said

They also with the snowfall totals abc27 meteorologist are forecasting for York, They’re not expecting to have to plow the city. They think the salt should burn off the snow.

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