Lots of fun for day 5 of the York Fair

Wednesday York Fair 5pmClip 1

There are a lot of livestock displays and the birthing center, which has two new calves in it.

Now let’s check out the education center, on of the most popular attractions for the kids is the ducklings. They huddle together to keep warm.

They have a pool they can hop into and swim around, and they eat their duckling food. 

2-year-old cousins Holden and Tanner were all in with the animals. 

“We came over to the 4H Center and we pet some animals. What did we see? Did we see some bunnies. Oh and the piggies! Yup, uh huh,” said Tiffany Hodum, Holden and Tanner’s mom. 

And here is Goat Mountain, where the animals are daredevils, climbing high, much to the delight of the crowds. 

Earlier we were in the horticulture building and we had to show you this, a beautiful butterfly display. You can see how a butterfly transforms from a caterpillar to cocoon, to butterfly. 

The bad news we learned is that butterflies are disappearing. It’s a concern, and here’s why we need butterflies.

“They’re pollinators and without pollinators the crops don’t do very well. Our gardens and commercial crops all need pollinators,” said Kim Montagne, PSU Master Gardener. 

The Master Gardeners running this display are getting word out that there’s one thine we can do to save the king of the butterflies, which is the monarch, and that is to plant milkweed. The butterflies are attracted to it. 

One of the best things about the York Fair is the concerts. On Wednesday, the stars from American Idol took the stage. 

Gabby Barnett from Pittsburgh is one of 8 of the top contestants listed to perform. 

During the day, it’s all about the rides, food, and animals. 

A lot of the animals are inside, making it an ideal location on a day like this. 

Colleen Hornberger and Cooper love the guinea pigs, turkeys, and bunnies. Cooper though thinks the roosters are too loud. 

“Since it was so rainy we needed to get out and do something for today. Yes we’re looking at the cows and the pigs and right now we’re in with the loud roosters. hahaha,” said Hornberger. 

The York Fair runs through Sunday. 

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